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Why does the computer always shut down automatically?
1. The heat dissipation is not good. The computer will automatically shut down due to the overheating of the system caused by the influence of weather temperature or insufficient number of revolutions of the central processing unit fan. It is recommended to check whether the system temperature is normal.

2. Memory reasons. When the contact between the memory and the motherboard slot is loose, it may also cause the computer to shut down automatically. It is recommended to check whether the memory is tightly inserted with the motherboard.

3. Power supply problem. Insufficient power supply is also an important factor that causes the computer to shut down automatically, but from the perspective of configuration, the possibility of this problem is very small.

4. Software factors. Computer shutdown caused by viruses or Trojan horses is also very common, especially the recent popular shock wave, which will cause the system to restart and shut down after being infected with viruses. If you are using Windows 2000 or Windows XP, it is recommended that you repair the shock wave in time after using antivirus software to kill virus. General problems can be solved.

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