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Method for modifying display screen resolution in all-in-one PC BIOS

The motherboard of all-in-one can support multiple resolution to output , the BIOS sets different resolutions by the installed display, if not,it will not be displayed.

BIOS modifying the display resolution is as follows:

1.Press DEL key to enter the COMS setting interface of BIOS,move the arrow keys of the keyboard,and select the 'chipset',see as follow:

2. Select "System Agent (SA) Configuration"in the chipset item, enter the "System Agent (SA) Configuration" item,select the "Graphics Configuration" item and press Enter, see as follow:

3.Select "LCD Control" in the "Graphics Configuration" item and press Enter. see as follow:

4.In the "LCD Control" item, select "LCD Panel Type" and press Enter. There are many optional resolutions in this option. Select the desired resolution and press F10 to save and exit.see as follow:

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