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SIX. No sound

A. Confirm that the speaker logo in the lower right corner of the computer shows OK or not, and whether the speaker has a “x”.

B. If the speaker logo shows OK, now let us check whether the audio interface of the motherboard & audio equipment & headphones&speakers have problems
C. If the speaker has a cross, check if the sound card chip driver has installed OK;
                Method: Right-click "My Computer", select "Manage" in the pop-up dialog box, and then click Open in the dialog box, click to open "Device Manager", it will display all the devices of the computer, select "Sound Controller" click to open, confirm whether the sound card chip driver is installed OK, if there is an exclamation point, you need to re-install the driver to solve.

D. The motherboard's sound card chip is damaged, repair the motherboard to solve.

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